The Allergen Information You Need on Special & Occasional Bakes

Cosy Kitchen love to try new things and we are really keen to test the new products we have developed (or ar developing).  We also bake specifically for special dietry requirments. 

Here is a list of bakes that occasionally appear on our stall with the Allergen Information you need. 

If there is anything you have purchased that doesn't appear on this list, or would like more information, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Pesto & Red Pepper Savoury Muffins (GF/VE)*  Allergens:  Soya

Coffee Cupcakes (GF/V)*  Allergens:  Milk, Eggs

Lemon & Blueberry Cake (GF/VE)*  Allergens:  Soya, Nuts (Almonds)

Courgette Cakes (GF/V)*  Allergens:  Milk, Eggs, Nuts (Almonds)

Rich Fruit Cake (GF/V)*  Allergens:  Milk, Eggs, Nuts (Almonds)

Chocolate & Avocado Cake  (GF/VE)*  Allergens:  Soya (chocolate used carries the allergen notice 'may contain nuts'.

Cherry Bakewell Cake (GF/VE)*  Allergens:  Nuts (Almonds)

Fairy Cakes (V)*  Allergens:  Wheat, Milk, Eggs (Chocolate Topped Contains:  Soya and carries the allergen notice 'may contain nuts'.)

Star Wars Cupcakes (GF/V)*  Allergens:  Milk, Eggs, Soya (chocolate carries the allergen notice 'may contain nuts'.

Coffee & Walnut Muffins (V)*  Allergerns:  Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Nuts (Walnuts)

Fresh Cream Black Forest Cake (GF/V)*  Allergens:  Milk, Eggs


V = Suitable for vegetarians (depending on your standpoint on free range eggs)

VE = Suitable for vegans

GF = Suitable for those avoiding gluten in their diet

* DISCLAIMER:  All products are made in a home kitchen and though every care is taken to prevent cross contamination, we can not guarantee that trace allergens will not be present in our products.  We are not responsible for any cross contamination issues in manufacturers' products.